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With a backhand smash, a follow through is not needed. Theres no point smashing if you cant get into position in time. It often acts as a winning shot in any badminton rallies. This focusses on the key teaching points for the smash shot in. I will also be comparing myself with a profesional badminton player comparing the badminton smash skill and technique. Hl badminton has all the supplies youll need to get playing. Footwork to get in ready position for a badminton smash, stop and center your balance before taking the shotpin itsee all 11 photos to get in ready position for a badminton smash, stop and. So powerful smashes depends majorily on your racquet and the max tension it can sustain. See more ideas about badminton smash, badminton and badminton tips. Always remember the objectives of a smashapart from that, smash only when you arrive quickly at the shuttle.

Executed well and your opponent will have hard time returning the shot. Did you know the fastest smash ever recorded was by 5 foot 9 inches, 140 lbs, taufik hidayat of indonesia, clocking in at over 300 kimh 189mph. Its also about using the right type of smash and the appropriate time. Dont forget to leave us a comment wed love to hear. We are not professional international players, but that does not mean we love the game any less. In theory the hammer grip would give you more power, but once above beginner level, other techniques will have a bigger influence, most notably the loosesqueeze technique, which will involve loosening your grip on the racket spreading your fingers before the shot. Delivered by a professional player the shuttle can reach the speed of more than 300kph. World fastest smash with badminton racket yonex nanoray z.

The current smash speed world record holder is by tan boon heong at 493kmh on 28th july 20. Badminton smash secrets rower reducing methods for the. Second is making sure you hit straight so you get the best power connection between racket. Alternate the server after each point and the player who reaches 10. There are wise variety of strings available in market starting from bg65, bg65 titanium etc. Delivering a deadly smash it is all in the technique.

Always remember the objectives of a smash apart from that, smash only when you arrive quickly at the shuttle. Correlation between isometric shoulder strength and racket velocity. While many are aware of these perks that are derived from playing badminton, here are three. Badminton advanced smash secrets all 4 half smashes. We believe that most badminton enthusiasts are not badminton professionals but would love to improve their badminton game, just as much as us. Badminton footwork lesson 04 dead zone on the court. The first and most important is getting into position so your body weight moved with the shot and not against it. Badminton san diego monday thru friday 11am midnight saturday 9am midnight sunday 9am 10pm last entry at 11pm without call last entry at 9pm without call call us. Finish as you began, but this time with a gentle walk around the court. Please check out the blog for additional badminton secrets. The smash is the most aggressive and attacking stroke in badminton. We are a small, friendly club based at gateways school in harewood near leeds.

Badminton smash secrets training series on the smash. I will be blogging about my technique and anatomical aspects, it will also be a biochemical analysis. Balance and stability on a badminton smash how good is. Are you looking to advance your badminton spin net game. Smash secrets was created by two passionate badminton players. Smashes are used differently in singles and doubles. The process of smashing involves moving into position, preparing for the shot and then hitting the smash. For making record of 493 kmhr, yonex reinvent the racket and change the philosophy of racket design. In addition to playing competitive badminton, we actively encourage our members to participate in club nights and other social bbq and bakeoff events. The purpose of this study was to analyze the surface emg activity of. Swing your racket forward to hit the shuttle and, as you do so, lower your nonracket arm to your side and straighten it at the elbow. Badminton smash secrets rower reducing methods for the half smash. Focus on the major muscle groups but you may wish to concentrate on other areas depending on how the game went. I am using voltric 10 dg with bg65 and with tension of 28 altho.

Badminton is a social sport that everyone can participate in, and so is badmintontricks. Taught by badminton real coaches that will help you get. The 3 simple tips which can help you to increase the power of your badminton smash are. Master your badminton smash with speed and accuracy using secret proven techniques. Footwork knees bent, stand with backhand grip wider range of motion, less motion involved. Once again yonex registered the fastest badminton smash. The badminton smash, executed with great power and speed, can swiftly end the rally and win you points.

My skill i am using to analyse is the forehand badminton smash, used in situations of the game, where there is an appropriate height and distance arm length and a half above the head for the shuttlecock to be hit from the rear court downwards in to the opponents mid court. Collingham grange badminton club welcome to our site. Without the right legwork, its impossible to get into position and throw your body weight into the smash which is whats needed for a good smash theres a simple exercise to practice your legwork. Apart from these two popular smashes, there is the around the head smash.

Cyberpunk is not dead talks about the effect that it had on the world. Maybe because most people think that the badminton smash is the coolest shot. Here we call the grip with ingers spread the universal grip, and the fingers together grip the hammer grip. This resource allows reciprocal teaching and peer assessment meaning that lessons are very much student led.

Player 2 tries to hit a winner, an unreturnable smash. Our guide breaks down the theory of the spin net, and provides you with drills that not only will teach you the badminton. To perform a smash in badminton is to strike the shuttlecock downwards on the opponents court. Since people change positions almost constantly, the location of the cog changes with every new position of the body and muscles. Badminton smash secrets half smash basics betterbadminton. Basically a smash is an offensive shot shot fired from a high point and travels down steeply towards your opponent. Forehand badminton smash techniques for executing a. This is played at the nonracquet side of your body and it is very similar to the forehand overhead smash except for a few minor adjustments. A badminton smash is like a double edged sword, its difficult for your opponent. Hi welcome to collingham grange badmintons websiteblog. If you havent the speed to get behind the shuttle before you hit it,then there is no way you are going to hita good and powerfull s. The smash should be very powerful and steep in order to make it hard for the opponent to block it. As with any exercise or physical activity, make sure you round off your game with a period of cooldown.

If player 1 manages to send the shuttle back within the singles court, he scores a point. At either place, were looking for your comments and suggestions. It is often employed to finish a point or to increase the tempo of the game. It can be performed with either the forehand or the. Badminton smash shot resource peer assessment teaching. Badminton players are required to increase the shuttle velocity.

Nov, 2014 this pin was discovered by toni semanskee. Jumping smash is the one of most powerful overhead shot in badminton. While focusing on the smash, most players tend to forget about one of the most important elements in the game your legs. Badminton smash leading with elbow for maximum power. Cyberpunk is not dead article by nikolas badminton, futurist. But before i share with you what are the different types of smash, you must first understand what are the purposes of smashing. How to return a smash badminton tips badminton tips. The smash is the most aggressive shot in badminton. Which is the best badminton string for powerful smashes. Surefire badminton drills is the most complete badminton training guide on the entire planet, yet it is very easy to understand even for total newbie. The sport involves using a racket to hit the shuttlecock or birdie to score points against your opponents using a variety of strategies. Futurist speaker nikolas badminton books and reports.

In year 2010, yonex also registered the world faster smash. My smashes are not getting enough power in badminton. Dont get me wrong, those badminton books that you can buy at nearby bookstores are good enough to make you understand how to play badminton. For example, in a badminton smash, it starts with a low centre of gravity due to the body being in a bent and low position. The worlds fastest badminton smash was 332kph 206mph, hit by fu haifeng of china in 2005, though even faster smash speeds of over 400kph 250mph have been recorded unofficially during smash speed tests used for promotional purposes. To increase smash power, there are so many different aspects to it. Tendency of a smash after service, drive before volley. While cyberpunk was born in the 1980s it is certainly not dead. Doing a badminton smash is not all about swinging your entire shoulders, torso, wrist and hitting the ball as hard as you can. How to smash effectively everything about badminton. There are 5 levels in the skills program targeted for junior players at the following ages. Fastest badminton smash did you know the fastest smash ever recorded was by 5 foot 9 inches. Show your support by clicking the thumbs up button above.

Today, art, film, business, electronic revolution, and kids snapchatting keeps cyberpunk very alive. Delivering a deadly smash it is all in the technique activesg. And, a number of years ago people started calling him a futurist. Maryland badminton skills program the badminton skills program is designed to develop the skills needed by junior players to become competitive players. Spin net secrets of badminton exposed bg badminton academy. My blog is about doing an on going analysis of the skill ive choosen which is the badminton smash. This was because he had been researching and talking about the internet of things in 2020, why software is sexier than advertising, creativity, the.

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